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Although we have received many endorsements and notes of appreciation from our clients over the years,  due to the confidential nature of our business, we are unable to share those on our website.

However, one client has graciously given us permission to use her testimonial. We think it aptly describes the dedication, skill and character of our President, Wayne Sullivan:

"Wayne Sullivan changed my life.  I mean that with every fiber of my being. 

I randomly went through the phone book calling private investigator after private investigator begging someone to help me find my dad whom I hadn't seen in almost 18 years.  One company after another told me there was no way they would take my case.  I decided to make one last call and beg whoever answered the phone to help me.  It was Wayne.  He agreed to meet me in person which was far beyond where I had gotten with all the other companies I previously called.  We met, he took my case pro bono.  I had little information to provide him but that didn't deter him from helping me at all.  He was diligent, resourceful, professional and most importantly compassionate to my situation.  He worked my case in between his other cases therefore spending his own personal time, energy and financial means to help a complete stranger.  How many business men put that much effort into a case even when they are getting paid!  Within a very short period of time, he had located my dad.  A man that had basically dropped of the face of the earth, Wayne found him.  I reunited with my dad only to find out he was terminally ill.  I got to spend 2 years reconnecting with the father I never knew before he passed away.  Those moments with him I cherish every single day and I owe it all to Wayne.  I will forever be grateful for what Wayne did for me and my dad.  He stopped at nothing to reunite us. 

My story has nothing to do with luck, I was blessed Wayne answered my phone call that day.  Had he not, I would have never had the opportunity to hold my dying fathers hand."

Laura Huras
New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada