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Meet Our Team


Our team is comprised of experienced surveillance operatives who utilize the most up-to-date covert equipment available, in order to maximize results in an array of difficult situations. A company training program was specifically designed and developed to train our surveillance investigators in proper surveillance techniques.  We meet on a regular basis to share information and past experiences to further improve our results.

Cyber Research and Investigative Team

We employ a specialized team of investigators who are tasked with conducting internet research, as well as social media investigations within our Cyber Research Department. Our team of investigators have been involved in a variety of investigations including trademark infringement, insurance fraud, missing persons and locating people of interest.  Our investigators have been trained by leading organizations in our industry such as Toddingtons and McAfee Institute in research techniques, social media investigations, and covert operations.

Our Management Team

Wayne Sullivan - President and CEO

Wayne brings 28 years of professional investigative experience to Prism Investigation Inc.  He has been involved in a myriad of investigations including insurance fraud, missing persons, WSIB, arson investigations, criminal, IP and Trademark infringement.

Wayne has conducted investigations throughout Canada and the United States, as well as the Caribbean and Europe.  Wayne’s tenacity and integrity is his personal brand that has become well known in the investigation industry.

Wayne has been a member of the Council of Professional Investigators of Ontario (CPIO) for 19 years and presently serves on its Board of Directors.

Jason Steward, CSMIE - Social Media & Cyber Intelligence Expert

Jason has been conducting surveillance investigations with Prism for over 10 years. Prior to joining our team, he graduated with high honours from Conestoga College, where he received his diploma in Law and Security Administration.  Over the years, Jason has continued to demonstrate his ability to think critically, problem solve, and successfully carry out complex surveillance assignments.   As a result, he is now responsible for leading our team of surveillance investigators.  
Jason has recently graduated with Honours from Toddington International in the field of Internet Research and Open Source Investigation.  He also holds the designation of Certified Social Media Investigation Expert (CSMIE), recognized by several law enforcement and government agencies such as The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. As a result of his training and technical abilities, he is often called upon to assist in our social media investigations.  His intuitiveness and his desire to find answers makes him an effective investigator and valuable member of our team.

Jason has been a member of the Council of Professional Investigators of Ontario (CPIO) for 11 years.

Lori Connolly - Office Administrator

Lori fills the role of Office Administrator at Prism.  Lori is our client’s
first point of contact. She is charged with creating the file and outlining our clients’ needs, as well as defining the objective of each investigation with the assistance of our lead investigators.  She is also a licenced investigator and assists with the day to day management of each investigation and is often called upon to assist with social media investigations when needed. 
Lori’s intuitiveness is one of her stronger assets that is most beneficial when putting the complete file together for our client. Should there be any questions left unanswered, Lori will bring those questions to the attention of the lead investigator to make sure they are answered, ensuring the investigation is complete.  She is an integral part of our team.

Lori has been a member of the Council of Professional Investigators of Ontario (CPIO) for 14 years.